❝ If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you. ❞ - Noor Shirazie, Springtime

Most to Least Likely to Need a Fucking Chill Pill


  1. Aries
  2. Virgo
  3. Gemini
  4. Capricorn
  5. Leo
  6. Scorpio
  7. Pisces
  8. Libra
  9. Cancer
  10. Aquarius
  11. Sagittarius
  12. Taurus

people at work

The people I work with are..kinda mean. they are mean to me because I dont wont do anything to them. I take the bs they throw at me and its fine because I know they are joking. really, its okay. they know about tumblr, my love for k-pop, dramas, disney music and I love that they’ve accepted me. they just dont understand me, i wish they would but its hard to explain myself most of the time. i dont know if its because I’m a “tumblr girl” or if its because im the youngest one. but what really made me mad was this: my co-workers were talking about stuff. I usually tune myself out and get on tumblr or watch a drama (the usual). then they start talking about things i don’t know and i usually ask ‘what/who is that’ they always go -somewhere along the lines of- ‘oh ahahha you’re so young/ thats before her time dude’ blah blah. but the other day they just had their interesting conversation and i ask who the person they were talking about and there goes ‘it was before her time’ and were really surprised that i didnt who they were  talking about and one girl suggested that i ‘read about him cuz its important’ and ‘did you not learn about him in school’ and i said ’i herd about him on tumblr, i usually find interesting news on tumblr’ and they were ‘what tumblr?! really justiz?’ blah blah blaaah THEN she said ‘look its cool that you have your thing *gestures to my phone* (phone=tumblr) but you really need to look him up and read about him and just know more about the outside world’ really?! ‘your thing’ excuuuuse me but tumblr isnt just a thing! for me its..everything that makes me who i am. its a way for me to express myself, things i cant say, i want to see, want to say, what i want to do. its everything to me. ugh. she just reffered it as a ‘thing’ nobody understands me :c





*sees new kpop group*

I don’t have time for this

*sees really hot member*

I have time for this

immediately googles their age

*theyre younger than you*

goddamn it